Whatsapp: Funny carnival sayings for your status

Kölle Alaaf! When clowns, pirates and cowboys roam the streets, it’s that time again: Carnival, on November 11th. lets go. With these sayings for your Whatsapp status you create a funny atmosphere.

Kölle Alaaf and Helau: November 11th heralds the carnival season, on this day the celebrations are mainly in the Rhineland, but also in many other places in Germany – and in disguise. Clowns celebrate together with pirates and cowboys, and a cat or a ladybug should not be missing. Whether carnival, Mardi Gras or Mardi Gras, there is lively singing and dancing everywhere. To heat up the fun, we have put together funny carnival sayings that you can spread on Whatsapp status, on Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms to show that you are in the mood.

And for all carnival grouches: 11.11. is also Singles Day and here we have the best technology offers for you on Singles Day.

Funny Whatsapp sayings about carnival

Simply copy the funniest sayings into the Whatsapp status or chat and share your anticipation with friends, family and all carnival enthusiasts. Matching emojis round off the sayings perfectly.

  • At carnival you mask yourself so that you can drop the mask.

  • I don’t need a carnival costume … I’ll go as a horny pig!

  • When God made me, He wanted a Carnival Prince / Princess!

  • For the carnival I dress up as Pi … nobody expects that.

  • Are you all so ugly or why did you dress up?

  • Costume idea for carnival: just paint yourself green. If you are muscular, you are a Hulk. If you are thin, then you are a leek. If you are fat, then you are an avocado.

  • A Cologne resident is funny. 2 are carnival!

  • I don’t need a carnival to be annoyed by the crowds.

  • The behavior of a carnival president: first drink like the Russian president and then act like the American one.

  • Dress up? I’m only here to drink!

Do you know any other sayings about carnival? Then write to us on Instagram.

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