Whatsapp gets the biggest update in a long time

Whatsapp users can look forward to the most important update in a long time. There are new voice messaging features!

Whatsapp delivers its users the first major update this year and it is also the most important update in a long time. There are always new features and improvements for Whatsapp, but now there are several innovations at once. These concern the voice messages. A function that, according to Whatsapp, is extremely popular because over 7 billion voice messages are sent every day and secured with end-to-end encryption.

Voice messages were introduced back in 2013. At that time, according to Whatsapp, it was already clear “that this would change the way people communicate with each other. Because with this function, recording and sending a voice message is as easy as writing a text message. ”

Six new functions in one fell swoop

A total of six new features are added to Whatsapp voice messages. Some of these had previously been seen in beta versions for iOS, Android and desktop. According to Whatsapp, all users should now receive the new functions in the next few weeks.

“Thanks to the voice message function, WhatsApp users can communicate with each other faster, more easily and on a more personal level,” promises Whatsapp and adds: “Because thoughts and feelings can often be expressed much more naturally with the voice than in a text message.”

Whatsapp is getting these new voice messaging features

And these are the new functions for voice messages:

  • Playback outside of chat

    Voice messages can be listened to outside of the chat while the user simultaneously reads or responds to other messages.

  • Pause/resume recording

    Voice message recording can be paused and then resumed at any time. You no longer have to record a voice message in one go, but can also briefly interrupt the recording.

  • Waveform visualization

    The sound of the voice message is displayed in a visual form, which makes it easier to follow the progress of the recording.

  • Recording control before sending

    Users can listen to a voice message again before sending it.

  • Playback from last heard position

    Practical for longer voice messages: The playback can be interrupted and later continued at the point that you haven’t heard yet.

  • Fast replay on forwarded messages

    Voice messages can be listened to at 1.5x or double speed.

Whatsapp visualizes all these innovations in the following graphic:

Whatsapp is getting six new voice messaging features


Whatsapp is getting six new voice messaging features

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