Whatsapp gets theft protection for account

Whatsapp is currently developing an important feature that will help you prevent strangers from stealing your Whatsapp account. It’s all about this.

Whatsapp is developing a valuable security feature for its Messenger. That’s what WABetainfo found out, a website that specializes in being the first to spot new features in Whatsapp. The new security feature was discovered in Whatsapp Beta for Android

The new function is called “login approval” (best translated as “registration confirmation” or “login release”). The new feature notifies the Whatsapp account holder within the Messenger app when another login for the Whatsapp account occurs. For this purpose, a note appears directly in Whatsapp with the heading “Allow moving your Whatsapp account to another phone?” that someone wants to log in to your Whatsapp account. The time is given and information about the smartphone from which the registration is made It is not clear exactly what information is involved, perhaps the smartphone model. The existing screenshot on which WABetainfo’s reporting is based does not reveal this information. You can then allow or deny access.

So, with the new features, you can prevent someone from logging into your Whatsapp account once that person has gotten your 6-digit Whatsapp verification code (read more about this verification code on Whatsapp here). Because if you decline the request, the other person will not be able to log into your account.

When is the new feature coming?

Whatsapp is currently working on integrating this new feature into one of the next beta versions. So “login approval” is currently not part of the available beta versions. In addition, it is completely unclear whether and when Whatsapp will incorporate this exciting feature into the final version.

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