Whatsapp: how to see who is blocking you

You can find out very quickly whether a contact is blocking you on Whatsapp. We’ll show you how.

For privacy reasons, Whatsapp will not notify you if someone is blocking you. And yet there are ways to find out anyway. There are some hints that will tell you who is blocking you on Whatsapp. And if you want to know if you’re being blocked on Instagram, take a look at this article.

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Message is not delivered – just a check mark

Send a message to a Whatsapp contact and only a tick appears under the message, then this is a first indication. Because if a message arrives at the recipient in the normal way, two ticks usually appear: The first tick means that the message has landed on the Whatsapp servers. The second tick appears when the message has been successfully received by the recipient.

If the second checkmark is missing, this can already be an indication that the recipient no longer wants to receive messages from you. The evidence can only be confirmed by the following points. Because it can also be because there is currently a technical problem on the part of WhatsApp or, even more likely, the recipient is currently switched off the cell phone or simply has no internet reception.

The profile picture is suddenly missing

If all of a sudden there is only a gray placeholder in the place of the profile picture and you can no longer see the WhatsApp status of the person, then you have probably been blocked. If only the profile picture is missing, it could also be because your contact has removed their picture.

Very sure indicator: create a new Whatsapp group

Create a new Whatsapp group and add, among other things, the contact you suspect may be blocked. Then take a close look at the participants in the group. If the contact does not appear here, it has blocked you. Hence, this method is very safe to use to see if you are being blocked.

What is interesting, however, is that if you are already in an existing group with the blocker, you can still mark and write to him in the group. Of course, the other group members will also see this message.

Whatsapp calls no longer successful

With Whatsapp, you can make video and voice calls over an internet connection. If you are blocked, calls are no longer successful, which means that the recipient does not see them and can therefore not accept them. However, you will hear the call tones, the call does not end immediately. This can definitely be confusing.

Check “Last Online”

If a contact has blocked you, you can no longer see when they were last online. However, caution is advised here: Even if a contact has deactivated the corresponding setting under “Data protection”, they cannot see this information.


Most of the points also apply if a person has deleted their Whatsapp account.

You can block a contact yourself

To block someone yourself, tap the person’s chat, then tap their name. Scroll down to the very bottom and tap on “Block” and then confirm this. To see who you are blocking, navigate to Whatsapp settings and tap on “Account – Privacy”. Here you will find the item “Blocked contacts”. If you tap the contact, you can “release” it again.

You will not be able to see any messages that the contact sent to you while it was blocked.

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