Whatsapp: Important innovation now available for all users

Whatsapp is now unlocking an important innovation for all users of Whatsapp for Android, iOS and desktop, which should particularly please those users who communicate with many contacts.

Whatsapp is now expanding the possibility

Chat groups with up to 512 members

to create, to all Whatsapp users. According to Wabetainfo, not only users of Whatsapp beta version for Android and users of Whatsapp beta version for iOS can try out this new feature. Rather

all users

which is the current

final version of Whatsapp

use, can now create such giant groups.

How to check if the new feature is already available for you

However, you have to try out whether you can already create groups with up to 512 users. Wabetainfo itself says that it should take at least 24 hours before all users can use the new feature. Test whether the new function is already available to you as follows: Create a new group and select at least one contact. At the top of the screen, Whatsapp shows you how many members you can add to this group.

You can now create groups with up to 512 members.


You can now create groups with up to 512 members.

The feature is actually already available on our devices this morning. You can also add up to 512 members to existing chat groups.

The possibility of creating groups with up to 512 users is not completely new, by the way. Whatsapp first rolled out this innovation to a small number of beta testers in May 2022. Just recently Whatsapp released another important improvement for many beta users: sending files up to 2 GB in size. You can read more about this in Whatsapp: The upper limit for sending files increases significantly.

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