WhatsApp introduces a function for video calling on your laptop

WhatsApp has launched a new feature that makes it possible to make video calls from your laptop or computer. Until now, this was only possible with your smartphone or tablet.

The global pandemic has meant that we have all started working from home much more in the past year and less able to meet friends and family. To compensate for that lack of physical contact, everyone has started video calling en masse.

This trend caused services such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams to boom enormously. A nice boost for many tech companies. The parent company Facebook of Mark Zuckerberg could not take a piece of this for the time being, but the tech giant is trying to change that. Last year they hoped to compete with Messenger Rooms, but that has not been a great success.

WhatsApp on desktop

This time, Zuckerberg shifts focus to that other hugely popular application in his portfolio: WhatsApp. A lot of people already use WhatsApp for video calling, but they always do so on mobile.

However, this is not so useful for home workers who are still behind their desktop. That’s why WhatsApp has now added video calling to its desktop application. For the time being, the new function does not yet work in WhatsApp Web in your browser, but only in the app. You must first download it here.

No group conversations yet

When that is done, a QR code will appear in the desktop app that you have to scan with the WhatsApp application on your smartphone to log in to your computer. There you can make video calls in a conversation by clicking on the icon at the top. Please note: the function does not seem to be active for everyone at the moment. You may have to wait a little longer.

Video calling via WhatsApp is currently also not possible in group conversations. We are working on adding that option as soon as possible.

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