Whatsapp: No blue ticks for voice messages

Did you notice: If read receipts are deactivated in Whatsapp, no blue ticks are displayed for voice messages.

Whatsapp implemented a small change in its messenger app a long time ago, which many users should not have noticed. In doing so, the company fixed a bug that annoyed users who often send voice messages.

The Messages app uses two blue ticks to indicate that messages have been listened to or read by the recipient. If users deactivate this read receipt in their Whatsapp settings, the blue ticks are no longer displayed to the sender. So he can no longer see whether his message has been read by the recipient or not. What has always worked very well with text messages, however, did not apply to voice messages for a long time. As soon as they were tapped, they always received two blue ticks – regardless of whether the read receipt was activated or deactivated.

Whatsapp quietly and secretly improved this some time ago. Voice messages have since been equated with text messages. If the read receipt is deactivated in the Whatsapp account, voicemails no longer have a blue tick either. In order for these to appear again, the read receipt must be activated for both the sender and the recipient.

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