Whatsapp Premium: New paid subscription model

Whatsapp Premium will be a new paid version of Whatsapp. This is known so far.

Whatsapp is developing a new fee-based usage model with “Whatsapp Premium”. Target group are business customers. The well-known Whatsapp leaker portal Wabetainfo found references to Whatsapp Premium in the current beta versions of Whatsapp for iOS, Android and desktop.

With Whatsapp Premium, users should be able to use their Whatsapp Premium account on up to ten devices at the same time. The Whatsapp accounts on the individual devices can be named individually so that they can be assigned to the devices more easily. In addition, premium users should be able to set up an individual link that customers can use to reach the company immediately via Whatsapp. This link can be changed every 90 days. The structure of this link is as follows:

Users can also install a title photo for Whatsapp Premium in order to be able to present themselves better. You can read more about this here at Wabetainfo.

Much is still unknown

Whatsapp Premium is supposed to be an optional offer, so business customers are not obliged to use this Whatsapp Premium. What Whatsapp Premium will cost is still unknown. It is also unknown in which countries the new Whatsapp Premium will start.

Whatsapp Premium cannot be used at the moment. It is also unknown when WhatsApp will activate the new subscription.

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