Whatsapp: Share music in the status – that’s how it works

It is currently not yet possible to add music to videos in Whatsapp status. But there is a trick you can use to get around this limitation.

What is common in Facebook and Instagram stories is unfortunately still missing in WhatsApp status: the function of adding any music to the stories. All that has been possible so far is sharing music links from corresponding streaming apps. For now, however, you can use a little trick to share music in the status. In this article we explain how this works and what you have to pay attention to.

This is how you add music to your Whatsapp status

First of all, let’s point out that the trick will only work with videos that you are currently recording. You can use it to record video clips, photos or plain text that you have already recorded


set the scene musically.

What you need is Whatsapp and a streaming app such as Spotify. So you don’t need to have the songs you want saved on your smartphone. Then follow the steps below to add the music you want to your video status:

  1. Open the

    Streaming app

    and start the song there that you want to play in the video. You can set videos with a length of 30 seconds for each status – so find the right place in your song.

  2. Then press



  3. Now switch to


    and there in the status area. Click on the camera symbol to enter the recording mode.

  4. In this mode, swipe down the top of the screen so that you can access the quick options or the

    Player widget

    to have.

  5. From there, tap the

    Play button

    to continue your song.

  6. Record the video in Whatsapp that you want to share. The set music runs in the background and is recorded by the microphone.

  7. You can then decorate the video with text or stickers and click on the

    Submit button

    share in status.


This trick only works if the background music is played through the loudspeakers of the smartphone and not through headphones (because the microphone then does not register any music for recording).

You should also set the music loud enough to block out any ambient noise. This form of video recording is accordingly unsuitable for particularly high ambient noise levels (wind, traffic) or in public areas (doctor’s offices, public transport) where discretion prevails.

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