Whatsapp significantly improves recently launched innovation

Whatsapp improves a feature introduced just a few weeks ago. It’s all about emoji reactions.

In May 2022, Whatsapp gave the go-ahead for the new “Whatsapp reactions” function. Since then, users can respond to incoming messages with an emoji. A function that is familiar from other services, but the number of emojis to choose from was pretty tight. At the start there were only six options: thumbs up, heart, smiling smiley, amazed smiley, sad smiley and hands folded in prayer.

This is now changing with an update of the Whatsapp app. From now on, WhatsApp users can respond to a message with any emoji. When you tap on a message to which you want to react, the familiar six emojis are first displayed. A “+” symbol now also appears at the right end of the selection options. If you click on this symbol, you can then use any emoji to react to the message. The whole thing looks like this:

Whatsapp reactions: Every emoji is now usable


Whatsapp reactions: Every emoji is now usable

This gives you the opportunity to react to an incoming message in a more varied and direct way. The bottom line is that Whatsapp reactions are interesting for all users who do not want to enter a lot of text. An emoji is often enough for a conversation with the person you are talking to.

Increase in the number of group participants and other changes

The release notes of the new Whatsapp app version also show that the maximum number of group participants has been increased to 512 and the maximum file size has been increased to 2 GB. Group calls can now also mute other users or send them a message by long-tapping their tile.

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