WhatsApp SIM starter set for only 3.50 euros

The WhatsApp tariff is definitely interesting for entering the smartphone world, because messaging works with it even without credit.

The WhatsApp SIM is currently available at an absolutely low price, as the starting parcel is now changing hands for less than 5 euros. The decisive advantage here is that you still have 15 euros starting credit in the package. This means that WhatsAll4000 is included for the first month, which leaves you with another 5 euros from the starting credit for the next billing.

Use WhatsApp even without a SIM credit

  • Prepaid card with 4000 units, flexible use for MB / minutes / SMS (without special numbers / value-added services), EU-wide
  • 15 euros credit value: WhatsAll4000 included in the first month, then for 10 euros every 4 weeks. Can be added or debited at any time if required. One-time 5 euro starting credit freely available
  • Option with 1000 units for 5 euros per 4 weeks can be booked at any time via the customer center and app
  • Suitable for every mobile phone: The SIM card is supplied as SIM, Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM
  • When topping up at least 5 euros prepaid credit every 6 months, the Free WhatsApp usage for text messages included, even without credit.

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