WhatsApp: This exciting innovation provides a better overview

Whatsapp is developing a new feature that will allow you to add captions to documents.

WABeta reports that Whatsapp is working on a new feature that will display labels for documents. The point is that users can add a label to documents that they share via Whatsapp.

Whatsapp recently increased the limit for documents sent via Messenger to 2 GB. You can read more about this important improvement in the Whatsapp message: The upper limit for sending files increases significantly. Documents are playing an increasingly important role in Whatsapp. So it makes sense to think about new functions that could increase the clarity within the messenger.

And that’s exactly what labels could help with. A user who wants to send a document can add a caption to it. Then, before sending the document, Whatsapp will display a box below the document for the user to enter the document caption. The advantage: With the document label, you can find sent documents later more easily – as long as you choose the text of the label sensibly and remember it later.

Currently not available

This innovation should be in one of the upcoming beta versions of Whatsapp for Android, iOS and for the desktop. However, this also means that the new “Caption for documents” function cannot be tested at the moment. The innovation is not yet included in the current beta versions. There is no information yet as to when Whatsapp will incorporate this innovation into the beta. There is certainly no indication of when the document label will end up in the final version of Whatsapp.

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