Whatsapp: Three exciting innovations are coming now

Whatsapp has announced three exciting innovations for group voice calls. The details.

Whatsapp gets three new features for group voice calls. This should make group voice calls work better in the future. These three innovations are:

banner notification

When a new person joins a group voice call and is not on screen, the group voice call participants will see a banner notification saying “X has joined the call”. This way, users will notice when a new person joins and who they are.

Mute other participants

This feature allows you to mute other participants during a group voice call so you can no longer hear their background noise. This always helps when participants forget to set themselves to silent.

Messages to Participants

Participants in a group voice call will also be able to send messages to other participants during a group voice call. So if you just want to quickly message just one person in the group, you’ll soon be able to easily do that without missing the conversation.

Whatsapp does not say when the new functions will be delivered to all users. You should therefore simply check your app to see whether the new features are already available.

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