Whatsapp: Three exciting innovations improve data protection and privacy

Whatsapp gets three important innovations for more data protection: Among other things, “leave groups silently” and “screenshot blocking for messages for one-time view”.

Mark Zuckerberg today announced three new privacy features for Whatsapp. The new functions should offer additional protection and more security when sending messages. They supplement the existing protection mechanisms, of which the end-to-end encryption for telephone calls and messages is particularly worth mentioning.

Whatsapp: Three new data protection functions.


Whatsapp: Three new data protection functions.

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These are the three new data protection functions that Whatsapp will release soon

Leave groups silently:

Users will soon be able to silently leave a group without notifying all other group members. Whatsapp wants to release this innovation in August 2022. From this moment on, only the group administrators should be informed about leaving the group.

Release online status in a targeted manner:

For those moments when you want to keep your online presence private, Whatsapp introduces the ability to choose who can see if you’re online or not. Whatsapp also wants to introduce this function in August 2022.

Screenshot blocking for single view messages:

Whatsapp extends the “single view”, which previously only existed for photos and other media, to messages as “screenshot blocking”. The recipients can therefore no longer take screenshots of messages marked as such and can only see them again. This function is still in the test phase, after which Whatsapp wants to introduce this innovation for all users.

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