Whatsapp: Upper limit for file transfer increases significantly

More and more Whatsapp users can now send files up to 2 GB in size.

The well-known Whatsapp leaker site Wabetainfo has discovered an exciting improvement in the new beta version for Android: the upper limit for sending media files has been increased to 2 GB! This makes it much easier to send larger videos.

Those responsible at Wabetainfo even think it is possible that users of older beta versions will also be able to enjoy the significantly higher upper limit for files to be sent. Because Whatsapp makes this change on the server side.

On the other hand, it can also happen that you have already installed the beta version and still cannot use 2 GB for sending files. Because WhatsApp only wants to roll out the new upper limit to selected beta testers for the time being. Therefore, interested Android beta testers should be patient and wait for the next beta versions.

In March 2022, Whatsapp began testing the 2GB limit in Argentina. In May 2022, Whatsapp extended this test to some users outside of Argentina. But the group of testers remained relatively manageable up to that point. With the beta version, however, this is about to change, because significantly more Android users can now try out the increased shipping limit.

This is how you test whether the new limit is already available to you

You can easily try whether the new limit is already available to you if you have the latest beta version of Whatsapp installed: simply try to send a file that is just under 2 GB in size. If an error message appears, then you do not yet have the new function. Otherwise, you’re one of the lucky ones who can already use the new feature.

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