Whatsapp: Users have been waiting for this function for a long time

It’s been a long time coming, but since the last update, Whatsapp chats can finally be moved from Android to iOS (and vice versa).

All Whatsapp data can now be transferred particularly easily between Android and iOS. After this was only possible with selected Samsung smartphones since August 2021, Whatsapp has now activated the function for all Android smartphones. “Now you have the freedom to switch back and forth between your favorite devices,” Whatsapp explains in a tweet. Ultimately, this means: Whatsapp users can easily exchange their chat history between Android and iOS devices at any time.

These requirements must be met

To transfer Whatsapp data from an Android to an iOS device, a number of requirements must first be met. At least Android 5 or higher must be installed on the Android smartphone and at least iOS 15.5 or higher on the iPhone. In addition, the Apple app “Transfer to iOS” and Whatsapp for Android must be version or higher on the Android smartphone. Whatsapp for iOS version or higher is required on the iPhone.

The same phone number must also be used on both devices and the iPhone must be “brand new or reset to factory settings”, according to Whatsapp. Finally, both devices must be connected to a power source and connected to the same WLAN.

Whatsapp describes the further steps for transferring the data in this support article.

Go to app: Transfer to iOS

Whatsapp has not yet published a corresponding support document for data transfer from iOS to Android, but it will probably follow in the next few days.

About the app: Switch to Android

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