Whatsapp: Watch the best sayings for football fans – Germany vs. Italy in the live stream

With these Whatsapp sayings for your status, all your contacts will know immediately: you love football! Have fun.

In the final game of the 2022/2023 UEFA Nations League before the summer break, Germany will face Italy in Group A3 tonight. The match can be seen on ZDF (also in the live stream from 8:15 p.m.). In the previous games, Germany has managed only one draw. With a win, the Flick-Elf would take the lead in the group before it continues in September.

Do you want to make it clear to your Whatsapp contacts with suitable sayings that football plays an important role in your life? Then we have a few appropriate sayings for you that you can share via Whatsapp in chat or in your Whatsapp status. Alternatively, of course, via Instagram or Facebook. Just as you like.

Whatsapp sayings for football fans

You can easily use the following sayings by copy & paste. Or you can be inspired to create your own clever text. You can then share this directly in Whatsapp chat and status or another platform. Maybe garnished with some matching emojis.

  • The ball is round and the game lasts 90 minutes. Everything else is theory. (Sepp Herberger)

  • Then came the penalty shootout. We all had our pants full, but for me it went very smoothly. (Paul Breitner)

  • Enthusiasm is everything. It must be tense and vibrating like a guitar string. (Pele)

  • One mustn’t talk about everything as badly as it was now. (Fredi Bobic)

  • Some think football is a matter of life and death. I do not like this configuration. I can assure you it’s much more serious than that. (William Shankly, Scottish football player and coach)

  • “Jürgen Klinsmann and I are a good trio.” Then: “I meant a quartet.” (Fritz Walter)

  • I hope we have a little bit lucky. (Lothar Matthäus)

  • I look not back, I look in front. (Lothar Matthäus)

  • German players don’t stop fighting until they’re on the bus. (Ronald Koeman, Dutch soccer player)

  • We play best when the opponent isn’t there. (Otto Rehagel)

  • Got shit on your foot, got shit on your foot (Andreas Brehme)

  • Milan or Madrid. The main thing is Italy! (Andi Moller)

  • I had a good feeling about it. (Andi Moller)

  • We have to roll up our heads now. And the sleeves too. (Lukas Podolski)

  • Soccer is like chess. Just without the dice. (allegedly by Lukas Podolski, but actually by Jan Böhmermann, who put the Podolski in his mouth)

  • I’ve spent a lot of my money on alcohol, women and fast cars. I squandered the rest. (George Best, Northern Ireland footballer)

  • The Swedes are not Dutch – you could see that very clearly. (Franz Beckenbauer)

  • An EM is even more balanced than a World Cup, because there are also teams from the other contingent at a World Cup. (Michael Ballack)

  • Most games that ended 1-0 were won. (Gunther Netzer)

  • In the decisive moments we simply lacked bad luck. (Danny Black)

  • We dominated 99 percent of the game. It was the other three percent that cost us the game. (Ruud Gullit, Dutch soccer player)

  • In football everything is complicated by the presence of the opposing team. (Jean-Paul Sartre, French philosopher)

  • “Complaining about boring football is a bit like complaining about the sad ending of King Lear: it kind of misses the point. (Nick Hornby, writer [High Fidelity, Fußballfieber])

Can you think of any other funny or witty football sayings? Write it to us on Instagram and we might include your saying here.

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