Whatsapp: With this trick you hide your chats

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Facebook’s Messenger Whatsapp is the most popular short message service in the world.

But not all the conversations you have on Whatsapp should be visible to everyone.

The “Archive Chat” function helps you to protect explosive conversations from the eyes of particularly curious people.

With user numbers of over two billion people, Whatsapp is the most popular short message service in the world and is used to exchange family members, friends, colleagues or even informants. Thanks to the end-to-end encryption, the messenger is considered to be particularly secure, although the company has been part of Facebook since 2014. But even though the conversations cannot be easily intercepted and read, especially curious people need access to your unlocked smartphone to read all your chats.

If you want to forego protecting your smartphone with a password from family members or boyfriend or girlfriend, but at the same time want to hide certain conversations from them, a trick helps.

Archive WhatsApp chats: how it works

The “Archive chat” function helps. It doesn’t matter whether you use Messenger on an Android smartphone or an iPhone. The function keeps the chat history and is not deleted. When a new message arrives in the chat, it appears again in the list of active conversations as usual.

You can activate the function on an Android smartphone by long-pressing the corresponding chat until a window opens. Now click on “Archive” and the conversation disappears from the overview. On the iPhone, you swipe your finger on the conversation in the overview until the “Archive” option appears. A simple click and the conversation is hidden.

If you want to take a look at the archived conversation in between, you can scroll down to the bottom of the WhatsApp entertainment overview on your Android smartphone and select the “Archived Chats” item. On the iPhone you – importantly – scroll up twice until the same menu item appears.



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