Whatsapp: write words in bold, italic and strikethrough – this is how it works

Whatsapp allows certain formatting such as bold, italic or strikethrough. We’ll show you how this works in iOS and Android.

In the case of long texts or important statements, it can sometimes be very useful to emphasize certain words or phrases. In WhatsApp it is possible to format words, but it is very hidden and therefore not even known to most of them. There are a total of four ways to format text in Whatsapp: bold, italic, strikethrough and typewriter (monospace). That’s how it’s done.

The easiest way to call up the formatting options is to highlight the relevant word or text. In this way, the context menu opens and provides you with the usual actions such as “Cut” or “Copy” as well as the various text styles “Bold”, “Italic”, “Strikethrough” and “Monospace”. The symbol or name for the menu depends on the operating system:

  • Android:

    Select the desired text in your message and then open the context menu by clicking on the three dots.

  • iOS:

    After marking the text you will find the context menu for the formatting under the abbreviation ”



Selecting words opens the context menu


Selecting words opens the context menu

Manually format WhatsApp text using characters

Another possibility is the use of special characters in the text flow, which then automatically bring about the desired formatting. The disadvantage of this variant is, of course, that you have to remember these characters. This is how the four styles are created manually:

  • Fat:

    There will be a star before and after the text

  • set: * hello *


  • An underscore (_) is placed before and after the text: _hello_


  • A tilde (~) is placed before and after the text: ~ hello ~

    Typewriter font:

Before and after the text, three grave accents (“ ”) are placed: “ ‘Hallo’ ”

More about Whatsapp can be found here:

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