When is the best time to put your flower bulbs in the ground?

There are flowers in all shapes and sizes. And that also applies to flower bulbs. You have spring flowering bulbs and summer bloomers. But when can you plant it and to which species does a daffodil belong?

Flowering in summer, planting in spring

Mathias van Blik in ‘t groen explains it briefly for you: “The best flower bulbs you buy now are summer flowering bulbs that are planted in the spring.” But it is better to wait until March before you put the flower bulb in the ground. This way your garden will look more colorful in the summer months.

You plant the summer bloomers in the spring and they come out in the summer. “I am thinking of dahlias and irises, for example,” says Mathias.

You plant spring bloomers in the autumn

When we talk about spring flowering bulbs, these are for example: tulips and daffodils. You plant these in your garden in September and then they come out in the spring.

If you want to enjoy flowers in the garden all year round, take a look at this overview. Here you will clearly find when you can plant which flower bulbs. More information can also be found on Groen from us.

Spring (spring)

  • summer bloomers
  • you plant in the spring, from the end of February
  • For example: Dahlias, Gladiolus, Lilies

Fall (fall)

  • spring flowering bulbs
  • to plant in the autumn, from September to December
  • For example: snowdrops, crocuses, hyacinths

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