when Poland launches into the electric car

Presented as the first 100% Polish automobile brand, Izera has just lifted the veil on its first two models. First deliveries expected in 2023.

Based on the realization that Poland did not benefit from a car manufacturer despite its size and its approximately 38 million inhabitants, Electromobility Poland decided to embark on the adventure by announcing the creation of a new “100% Polish” brand. Called Izera and based on a fully electric offer, it has just lifted the veil on its first two models: an SUV and a hatchback. In both cases, the lines come from Torino Design, an Italian studio that has already worked with car brands like BMW or McLaren.

Inside, Izera follows the current trend by offering a very clean configuration. On the top of the dashboard, there are two large digital panels: the first is used for instrumentation while the second will be used to control the entire multimedia system.

400 km of autonomy

On the technical side, Izera notably recruited Łukasz Maliczenko, previously in charge of Jaguar’s electrification program. At this stage, the manufacturer does not give much information on its models which should be based on a single platform. On the program: two choices of batteries, a range of up to 400 km and a 0 to 100 km / h shot in about 7 seconds.

As this new range is primarily intended for the Polish market, Izera promises attractive prices. In terms of schedule, the delivery of the first vehicles is scheduled for 2023.

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