When Volkswagen CEO challenges Tesla on Twitter

Barely landed on the social network Twitter, the CEO of the Volkswagen group Herbert Diess challenged Elon Musk by praising the success of his electric cars.

Arrived late on Twitter, the CEO of the Volkswagen group, Herbert Diess, was noticed by a first tweet which caused a stir.

“I am here to make an impact with the Volkswagen Group, especially on political issues. And of course to get you some Elon Musk market share. After all, our ID.3 and e-tron won the first European markets. Hope to have future productive discussions! ” he said on the famous platform.

Volkswagen really stronger than Tesla?

Back to the facts. Is Herbert Diess right in his statements? If we take the markets mentioned, yes. The leading electric country in market share, Norway sees the Audi e-tron in the lead with 9,227 registrations against 7,770 Model 3. Having started deliveries this summer, the Volkswagen ID.3 is also the first electric in the country. -Bas and Sweden. However, neither Tesla nor Volkswagen is enthroned in Germany. The first European automobile market is occupied by a small Frenchwoman: the Renault ZOE.

Outside Europe, Herbert Diess would not stand the comparison on electricity. Tesla has sold 206,000 Model 3 in the United States, against 7,202 e-tron, 4,414 Porsche Taycan and 767 e-Golf for the Volkswagen group. In China, the American manufacturer leads with 140,000 Model 3 against the 17,870 Passat PHEV.

2021 will be a very interesting year in terms of numbers. The Volkswagen ID.3 will ramp up in Europe, supported by an ID.4 determined to eat Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model 3 white

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