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Where can you probably go during your summer vacation?

Many Dutch people attach great value to their summer holidays. The idea that this holiday falls into the water because of the coronavirus and the measures related to it is a bitter pill.

This not only applies to Dutch people who would like to go on holiday, but of course also to all those people at home and abroad who are dependent on tourism. With both target groups in mind of governments, cautiously more is allowed, but it remains difficult to understand what is and what is not possible.
For the time being, the Netherlands will keep ‘Code Orange’ for travel abroad, but if this is scrapped (expected in mid-June), some things will be possible again. So it is with reservation and with the necessary reserves – and your own responsibility to inform you of the situation regarding the travel options – but if you are looking for an interpretation for the summer holidays 2020, you can still go here.

The Netherlands

In their own country, campsites will be fully open again from 1 July, including shared sanitary facilities. Holiday homes are allowed to receive guests. Facilities such as swimming pools at holiday parks may be open, but the necessary measures will be taken there to observe the one and a half meter rule. Eating out is possible again from June 1, but only by reservation. You can also enjoy a terrace.


Although the situation is still somewhat unclear with regard to travel to Germany, the Germans have already announced that they will no longer carry out border checks at the borders with France, Austria and Switzerland from 15 June. Staying in hotels and holiday parks is already possible for EU citizens, so you can go to holiday parks like Landal’s. For the time being, however, it has not yet been announced that checks will no longer be held at the border with the Netherlands. However, the border with North Rhine-Westphalia is open.

A picture of a closed border of Austria, even before the summer holidays
From June 15, Austria will reopen its borders with Germany and Switzerland, so foreign tourists can also return to the country.


Austria was one of the first countries to open up again. The catering industry in the country can now be visited again. From May 29, hotels and campsites are allowed to open their doors again, albeit with appropriate measures. From June 15, Austria will reopen its borders with Germany and Switzerland, so foreign tourists can also return to the country. For a trip by land it is necessary to keep an eye on whether it is actually possible to cross Germany as a Dutchman.


Italy was the first European country to be hit hard by the corona virus. The number of infections has been decreasing for weeks. Restaurants, bars and many shops are open again. As the country is heavily dependent on tourism, it has been announced that EU citizens will be welcome again from June 3 to celebrate holidays. There are guidelines from the government for this, for example a monthly compulsory swimming pool water test, and 7 m2 of water and 7 m2 of terrace per guest. Several campsites on Lake Garda officially reopened on May 22, with appropriate measures. First for domestic tourism, but from 3 June also foreigners again. For a land trip, keep up with the news about countries you have to cross to get to Italy.


Slovenia will open borders to EU citizens on May 31. Hotels, shops and restaurants reopen; major events will remain prohibited for the time being. Not all border crossings are opened immediately. Keep in mind that if you want to go by car, you also have to go through Germany and Austria.


The Croatian government quickly expressed its ambition to admit tourists in the summer. For the time being, nothing is certain, but it seems that Croatia will reopen its borders on June 15.


Greece is intended to re-open the border to tourism from 15 June. However, this will initially only be for arrivals at Athens International Airport. Air traffic to the islands is also expected to resume from 1 July. Shops and cafes in the country are slowly opening.


The Algarve will be open to tourists this summer and will welcome international visitors once travel restrictions are lifted. Restaurants have reopened since May 18, albeit with significantly less capacity. Hotels are slowly opening their doors again.

Spain and France

In any case, the Spanish border will remain closed until June 7, but the prime minister has already indicated that the borders for foreign tourism will open again in July. The French secretary of state has expressed “good hope” about open borders for tourism during the summer holidays, but for the time being only domestic tourism is possible.
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Where can you probably go during your summer vacation?


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