Which electric cars have the most range in 2021?

Automobile Propre is launching a new series of videos dedicated to rankings. For this first episode, we have produced a top of the electric cars that benefit from the greatest autonomy in the WLTP combined cycle. From the most affordable to the most luxurious, here are the nine zero-emission vehicles of 2021 that will take you very far with a full tank.

Tesla is on everyone’s lips when it comes to long-range electric cars. While it is true that the Palo Alto models are currently the most enduring, the brand is completely absent from the niche of entry-level cars.

Fiat leads affordable electric cars

The Tesla are therefore not included in our first podium, reserved for models sold for less than € 30,000 excluding bonus. A category won by the Fiat 500e and its 320 km of range in the “large battery” version. The second place goes to the MG ZS EV, the low cost Chinese SUV capable of covering up to 263 km. The Volkswagen e-Up triplet, Seat Mii electric and Skoda Citigo iV obtained bronze with 260 km of autonomy.

Podium for electric cars under € 30,000

The Ford Mustang Mach-e and the Tesla Model 3 neck and neck

The podium of “premium” vehicles between 30,000 and 60,000 € is dominated, by little, by the Tesla Model 3 “great autonomy”. The most popular Tesla has a range of 614 km, or 4 short kilometers more than the Ford Mustang “large battery propulsion” which occupies second place. The ID.3 Pro S, with its 77 kWh battery, takes third place with 542 km in the WLTP combined cycle.

Electric car podium between 30,000 and 60,000 €

The unbeatable Tesla Model S Plaid +

The final podium is made up of the most upscale models, sold for over € 60,000 and therefore not eligible for the ecological bonus. A niche dominated (once again) by Tesla and its Model S Plaid + whose first deliveries are due in early 2022, but which is already available to order. The outrageously powerful and enduring version of the Model S promises up to 837 km of range. A record just as breathtaking as its € 149,000 in the catalog. The second step of the podium is occupied by the Tesla Model X “great autonomy”, far behind with 580 km of autonomy. Jaguar completes the ranking with its i-Pace, which offers up to 470 km of range.

Podium for electric cars over € 60,000

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