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Which of the two? The difference between a green and a red pepper

To answer the question whether there is a difference, the answer is: “Yes!” Green peppers are the less ripe version. Since they are harvested at a ‘younger age’, they have a more bitter, distinct flavor than the red version. On the other hand, the red pepper – and the yellow and orange ones too – are a bit sweeter.

Benefit of the red pepper

Okay, the red pepper will appeal to the majority because of the sweetness. But the contrast is also in the amount of beta-carotene. A building block that our body converts into the essential vitamin A. The red pepper contains no less than eleven times as much of it than the green pepper. You can therefore say that the red vegetable contributes more to increasing our resistance.

Plus point of the green pepper

If you read this like this, you would almost think that from now on you should only go for the red version. Still, you don’t have to see it so black and white. Green peppers contain just as much vitamins (more vitamin K), fiber and antioxidants. Great for when you are looking for some variety from time to time. Dishes where the slightly bitter green pepper really comes into its own? Think of pastas, stews and oven dishes.

If you prefer to base your color choice on the highest vitamin C content, you can write off both the green and the red pepper. The orange and especially the yellow pepper win here. Only these two have less vitamin A in them. Choices, choices.


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