Which test strategy should better protect nursing homes

The number of Covid infections has recently risen sharply again, especially in old people’s and nursing homes. Scientists have now found that a close-knit test program using RT-LAMP or PCR tests would be the best way to prevent the introduction and spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the facilities.

According to a study by several Viennese research institutions and Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna, the fast and yet very precise LAMP method in particular has great potential. If you test the staff with it twice a week, it is very effective in preventing the spread.

“Find a good test strategy”

Now it is high time to find, with “not populist, but scientifically sound, good test strategies, how we can find the balance between freedom, quality of life and good protection together,” said the medical director of Caritas ED Vienna Thomas Wochele-Thoma, in conversation with the APA.

Since nursing homes are lived in and cannot be closed like schools or other facilities to break chains of infection, this is doubly important. “The residents deserve to be given the best possible strategies” and to do so as quickly as possible, “because the number of infections will not decrease so easily,” said Wochele-Thoma.


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