while waiting for the Roadster II, here is the Tesla Model 3 Cabriolet

Tesla Model 3 Cabriolet Newport Convertible Engineering

A Californian automotive transformation specialist now offers a Tesla Model 3 convertible. One way to wait until the release of the new Tesla Roadster, recently postponed to a later date.

Revealed in late 2017, the second iteration of the Tesla Roadster becomes an Arlesian. Promised for 2020, it will not be available before 2022 according to Elon Musk. It is a lower priority for the manufacturer, who wants to launch his Cybertruck as soon as possible. However, some did not wait to design a modern discoverable Tesla.

A successful Model 3 Roadster?

The creation that you can discover here is signed Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE). Based in California, this workshop transforms many luxury and sports vehicles. They had already operated on a Tesla Model S Cabriolet in 2014, and even studied a Coupé version!

The most sold electric car in the world and very popular on the American West Coast, the Model 3 was a candidate logic. NCE therefore transformed the Palo Alto sedan while retaining the 4 seats. The soft top is retractable at the rear, leaving a roll bar attached to the side uprights. Indoors, on California roads and with the hood open, the experience must be pleasant. The same cannot be said of exterior realization. The hood does not perfectly match the original Model 3 line, and the aerodynamics must be affected.

Question price, the previous Model S asked $ 29,000 (€ 26,600) for such a transformation. So you shouldn’t have to wait much less for this Tesla Model 3. By including the purchase of the car (Standard Plus version), you will probably have to count at least € 70,000 to drive in a state-of-the-art electric convertible.

And you ? What do you think of this convertible version of the Model 3? Would you be ready to convert your Model 3 for such a sum? Or do you prefer the pick-up version?


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