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White Lines on Netflix and more

Every Saturday, the editors tip five new series on Netflix, Videoland, Disney + and other streaming services. Since this week you can, among other things White Lines view, the new series from the makers of La Casa de Papel.

The production of films and series is still virtually stopped, but enough news will be released for the time being. We will keep you informed of the best new content. This is the top 5 series of week 21.

1. White Lines

Genre: drama, mystery
Where to see it: Netflix

White Lines is the new series from the maker of La casa de papel. The focus is on the murder of a legendary DJ from Manchester, who seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. When his body reappears twenty years later, his sister immediately takes the plane to investigate the matter. There she discovers the dark side of the party island.

2. History 101

Genre: education, documentary
Where to see it: Netflix

History 101 is a delightful series, consisting of ten 20-minute mini-documentaries on random historical subjects. There are episodes about robots, feminism and genetics, but also about the history of fast food. Thanks to the length of the episodes, this series makes you think after each episode: “one more then”.

3. The Bachelorette

Genre: reality TV
Where to see it: Videoland

Series as Ex on the Beach and Temptation Island are viewed en masse, although no one dares to admit that they enjoy it. New in that category is The Bachelorette, the reverse version of The Bachelor. Gaby Blaaser is the coveted bachelor, who travels to South Africa with eighteen single men. Once there, the men compete for her. Flat, meaningless, but secretly delicious food.

4. Control Z

Genre: drama, cyber crime
Where to see it: Netflix

Control Z is a promising Mexican teenage drama. When an anonymous hacker interferes with the lives of a group of El Colegio Nacional students, no secret is safe. Their most deep and dark secrets are leaked by the hacker and that is not without consequences.

Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian

Genre: science fiction, documentary
Where to see: Disney +

In November 2019, Disney + was launched in the Netherlands with much fanfare. The streaming service immediately started with Star Wars series The Mandalorian, but it also stopped with regard to series. Now finally there is another good series to watch: a documentary series about the first live-action series in the Star Wars universe. In Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian in eight episodes you will be sucked into the creation of the series. The techniques, the cast, Baby Yoda, everything comes along. “We have had a great experience creating the series and are looking forward to sharing it with you,” said Jon Favreau. Read more here. The first episode was released on May 4. A new episode has been released every week since then. S

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5 new series released this week: White Lines on Netflix and more


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