Whitlock sends surprise Hunt home

Hunt doesn’t start the match strong. “The Hunter” records an average of around 70 in the beginning. The young Englishman is immediately broken and sees Simon Whitlock cashing in on this break lead thanks to a tight 90’s finish.

As the game progresses, Hunt gets into the game a little better. Hunt is given an imposed opportunity to equalize the score, but four arrows for a double are not for the Englishman. Whitlock is frightened and makes 4-2. A moment later a repetition of moves takes place. “The Hunter” again gets four darts for a tie, but misses. Whitlock comes back to the oche and takes advantage.

With a score of 6-4 in favor of the Australian, both men appear on the scene after the second break. It rains for breaks leaving Hunt in the wake of “The Wizzard”.

Whitlock can start with 9-6 on the scoreboard. This time the man from Australia is starting well. “The Wizzard” starts the leg with a 140 score to get his fifth maximum score on his second turn. Whitock makes it even more exciting by missing six match darts, but in the end the Australian uses his seventh match arrow: 10-6.


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