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who are performing, where can you see it?

The fourteen liberation festivals in the country have to make do this (corona) year with online versions. That’s just the way it is. But how different will it be? Who will perform and where can you see and especially hear the freedom performances?

The weather would not have cooperated well today, if we had been in front of the stages of the Liberation Festivals in the normal way. Last year, every festival had to be canceled at a late stage. Now there was a year to prepare, but that year was also full of uncertainties. It slowly became clear that it was not going to be the way we all want it so badly. Butt in the grass, glass in hand and dance if possible.

300 artists at 14 liberation festivals

Despite all the limitations, the liberation festivals in fourteen cities in thirteen provinces have made the most of it: no less than 300 artists will all give a total of 200 performances. You can follow them online and to make it easy for you, everything can be found via one central website: There is dance, theater and many stories about freedom are told. About freedom that we now know – despite corona in our lives – and that that is not self-evident. All liberation festivals kick off at 1 p.m. with the lighting of the freedom fire.

Ambassadors of Freedom

The Ambassadors of Freedom this year are Jonna Fraser, Davina Michelle and Tino Martin. Normally they would fly in helicopters to different liberation festivals to give multiple performances on this May 5th. Today they perform online, but mainly collected stories. For Davina Michelle, for example, it started with a simple appeal on Instagram: “Tell me five things that make you unique.” She got a lot of ‘unique things’ in response, 670,000 to be precise… She received the widest variety of videos and says: “The first video I got was of a girl who had been in a foster home for ten years. In it she said: what makes me unique is that I recently started to love myself. ”

To follow up on her call, Davina Michelle decided to interview thirteen people and make videos of it. For example, she met a teacher, but also a Syrian refugee and an ex-soldier, who then asked her to give it a try. The videos will be posted on Davina’s YouTube channel.

Tino Martin will perform at 2:30 pm, Davina Michelle at 3:30 pm and Jonna Fraser at 4:30 pm. The performances last 30 minutes. They also play at different festivals at different times.

Much more music at the liberation festivals

There is a lot more music at the liberation festivals today. A small selection from a wide range: Suzan & Freek, Handsome Poets, Merol, Milow, Waylon, Wulf, Typhoon and Eefje de Visser. The complete timetable that you probably know from ‘real festivals’ can be found here.

Closing May 5 concert with Stef Bos

Liberation Day traditionally ends with the May 5 concert on the Amstel, in front of the Royal Theater Carré. Due to the corona measures, the concert will not take place outside but inside the theater this year. Various artists perform under the direction of the Metropole Orchestra. Stef Bos tells personal anecdotes about freedom. There are also performances by Maan, Laetitia Gerards, André van Duin, Shary-An, Claudia de Breij and the ZO! Gospel Choir. The May 5 concert can be seen on NPO 1 at 8.35 pm.

At 12 noon there is also a special May 5 broadcast on the same channel. One of the parts is an online conversation between outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. Together they discuss the meaning of freedom with students.

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Liberation festivals: who are performing, where can you see it?


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