Who is Jennifer Heylen in ‘The Smartest Man in the World’ and where can you know her from?

The smartest person in the world has entered its last normal week. The third-last candidate who will take her chance is actress Jennifer Heylen.

With the final just around the corner, the last new candidates are entering this week The smartest person in the world. Starting next week, the best players of the season will return for the two weeks of finals, after which the winner will be announced.

Jennifer Heylen

The third latest newcomer is Jennifer Heylen. She is an actress and has already had several roles to her name. The 29-year-old actress was seen in the web series earlier this year Instafamous on VTM Go. That series is a mockumentary about, yes, influencers. The series follows Fleur (Jade Mintjens), a well-known Flemish influencer, who one day is hit by a car and ends up in a coma. Once she wakes up from that coma, she suffers from amnesia and doesn’t remember anything about her life as an influencer. And to make matters worse, her Instagram profile, with all her followers, has been removed. Jennifer plays the role of Billie, Fleur’s best friend.

Jennifer is currently featured in the web series Broke, which can also be seen on VTM Go. That series follows Bobbie (Joke De Bruyn), who has to stay home due to an injury to her foot. In the series we follow the conversations between Bobbie and her two friends Lou (Jennifer Heylen) and Isabella (Lize Feryn), all of which take place digitally. So recognizable in times of lockdown.

Can Jennifer Heylen The smartest person in the world turn into?

Anyone who takes a chance The smartest person in the world will be asked at his or her first participation if they see themselves winning the quiz. Jennifer is short and clear about that: “No”. She also seems to know who does The smartest person in the world will be. “I’ve seen Ella busy. Everyone has seen Ella busy. I think we can all agree that it will be Ella. ” Jennifer does have a goal for herself: “I just hope I’m in it for longer than one episode.”

But that will not be easy, because in her first episode she has to compete against two strong candidates, Bockie De Repper and Liesbeth Van Impe. “They have been going on for a long time. They are also already coordinated. You feel that, they have one schwung. And then I’m the newcomer and I’m not quite into it yet. But hopefully I can get the underdog or just commit a surprise attack. ”

Jennifer has prepared for her participation. “I have studied. I have played the app flat and I already know from August that I can participate. Then I immediately started playing with the app and I still have new questions. ”

Watch the full interview here:

An overview of all candidates from The smartest person in the world 2020 can be found here.


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