Who is Kim Van Oncen in ‘The Smartest Man in the World’ and where can you know her from?

The latest entrant in The smartest person in the world is Kim Van Oncen. Kim is a presenter, actress and she also has her own supermarket together with her brother. From Nickelodeon to Thirties, this is where you can know Kim Van Oncen from.

Kim Van Oncen has already done many different things in her career. These are the most important.

Presenter, actress… and supermarket manager

Kim Van Oncen made her television debut in 2008 as a presenter on the Nickelodeon channel. But Kim is best known for her lead role in the fiction series Thirties on a.

Kim has played the role of Saartje De Smet in that series since 2019. Kim also makes vlogs on YouTube and she also has a blog where she shares her outfits and travel stories, among other things. Kim also has her own supermarket with her brother. It is a Delhaize in Kapellen near Antwerp. Earlier this year, Kim announced that she can be found behind the counter of Delhaize every Sunday.

Bring a Smile

Together with Sophie Van den Bergh, Kim Van Oncen founded the charity foundation Bring a Smile in 2011 to help sick children. The idea arose after Sophie was informed that her 2.5-year-old daughter Juliette suffers from acute myeloid leukemia. Juliette had to stay in the hospital for more than 300 days. This prompted her mom Sophie and her friend Kim to give back to sick children and those who support these children. And so Bring a Smile was born.

Bring a Smile organizes the Bring a Smile day (short BAS day) every year. On that day, egs come to various hospitals or institutions for children to put a smile on the children’s faces. They do this by bringing toys, books, and so on. In addition, trips are sometimes organized with the children, which can also bring a smile.

Kan Kim Van Oncen The smartest person in the world turn into?

All candidates get to participate in The smartest person in the world whether they could win the game. “I don’t think I can become The Smartest Person in the World”, Kim says. “I’m realistic by nature and I think there are many people who know a lot more than I do.”

She has prepared as well as possible for her participation. For example, she played during the recording of the new season of Thirties on the app and has already played the board game. “I was won then! Well from James Cooke, but still. ” In addition, she also took screenshots from the newspaper of things she thought could be asked in the quiz.

Another fun fact: Kim has to participate in The smartest person in the world the same stylist as Ella Leyers, the Antwerp Farah El Bastani. We can therefore expect a lot of special outfits from Kim.

There is also a lot at stake for Kim during her participation:

View the full list of participants of De Slimste Mens ter Wereld 2020 here.


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