Who is Noémie Wolfs in ‘The Smartest Man in the World’ and where can you know her from?

The next participant to take her chance The smartest person in the world is Noémie Wolfs. She was best known as a singer of Hooverphonic, but now she is a successful solo singer who also has her own radio program. This is where you can know Noémie Wolfs.

The singer Noémie Wolfs, like many before her, will try to The smartest person in the world to become. Her days as the singer of Hooverphonic are now several years behind her, and the group has changed vocalists two more times since she left. But Noémie was anything but still.


Noémie’s career started in 2010 when she was 22 years old. Then she succeeded Geike Arnaert as the singer of Hooverphonic. Together with Alex Callier and Raymond Geerts she worked together for five years and scored hits like The night before, Anger never dies and Amalfi.

In 2015 Noémie stepped up as a singer at Hooverphonic, according to Alex Callier this happened after mutual consultation because “the chemistry was gone”. Since then Noémie has been a solo singer. In 2016 she released her debut album “Hunt you” and on February 21, 2020 she released her second album “Lonely boy’s paradise”.

Studio Brussels

Recently Noémie can also be heard as a presenter on Studio Brussel. She is one of the seven selectors there. Every Tuesday from 8 pm to 10 pm she is given free rein on the radio station and can therefore play her own favorite records.

Her music style is described on the website as “From Portishead to LCD Soundsystem. And there is also some obscure Italian disco in between. ”

Can Noémie Wolfs The smartest person in the world to win?

Every participant of The smartest person in the world Before his or her first participation, the question is whether they see themselves winning. Noémie is in good spirits. “Yes, it could,” she replies. “I would like that because then I would amaze myself and there is nothing more fun than amazing myself, I personally think. I don’t expect high things from myself. But I would like it. I’m definitely going to try. ”

Noémie did try to prepare for her participation. “I had started to subscribe to the newspaper. But because this year was such a negative news year, I canceled it after a few weeks. Because it actually made me very sad. But I did spend a few evenings on Wikipedia. I also bought glasses because it turned out that I hadn’t been seeing very well for a while and I thought: “Those puzzle rounds, I’m going to have to crawl forward Linda De Win and see nothing”. So I even bought glasses on my 32nd birthday anyway. ”

Noémie indicates that she is most afraid of people who have been in the game the longest. And that’s currently Sp.a chairman Conner Rousseau. He has won his first three episodes and is now already on his fourth episode. “Politicians who always know a lot, I think or they should know a lot. So that’s someone who is going to do very well and has already done so, I’m afraid of him. ” But on Twitter she already sounds pugnacious: “Gonna kick some ass tonight“, She writes there with photos of her striking outfit.


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