Who is Umi Defoort from ‘The Smartest Man in the World’ and where can you know him from?

Umi Defoort is one of the youngest participants in The smartest person in the world this season. He worked behind the scenes in the music world for a long time, but recently released his first solo record. This is where you can know Umi from.

Umi Defoort has been the producer, beatmaker, pianist and resident DJ of Pregnant Guy for years. The two have been working together for four years now, and Umi can also be found on stage at the performances of Pregnant Guy. They already performed together at almost every major festival in our country. But under the name UM! recently he can also be found in the hip-hop world.

Musical childhood

Umi comes from a musical family. His father, for example, is jazz pianist and composer Kris Defoort. His mother is Japanese, which also explains his Japanese first name. At home Umi was given classical music. Initially, he also learned the violin and only later switched to drums and piano.

He himself sees this classic youth as a plus. “Because of that broad musical perspective, I don’t have a classic hip-hop sound”, he said in an interview with Bruzz.


During the first lockdown in our country, at the beginning of the year, Umi started working on his solo project UM !. In April he launched his first self-titled album.

For that album he collaborated with, among others, Pregnant Guy, Glints, but also his own girlfriend Chibi Ichigo can be heard on the album. The songs are sung in English, Dutch, French and Japanese.

Can Umi Defoort The smartest person in the world turn into?

For his or her participation, each candidate receives The smartest person in the world whether he or she sees himself as capable of winning. At Umi we get a very diplomatic response. “We must not forget that it is relative. It’s just cool to have the chance to play along with a fun game. If I can win that, yes great. But I don’t necessarily think I can become the smartest person. ”

Just like everyone else, Umi is also afraid of record holder Ella, who is already going through the entire season. Umi accidentally prepared to participate even before he was asked to participate. “I already played the app during the lockdown. And then suddenly the question arose whether we (Umi and his girlfriend Chibi Ichigo, who we will see later this season, ed.) wanted to participate. So it was all very coincidental. ” Now we have to see if he can win the game in real life.

View the list of all participants here The smartest person in the world 2020.


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