WHO now officially advises against ‘corona drug’ remdesivir

Remdesivir, the promising corona drug developed by pharmaceutical company Gilead, is now formally discouraged by the World Health Organization.

It was almost an international holiday when pharmaceutical giant Gilead announced that remdesivir was on the market. The drug was supposed to reduce the number of days corona patients spend in hospital. When US President Donald Trump tested corona positive, he was treated with the drug.


However, after a few weeks it became clear that the effectiveness of remdesivir was rather limited. The effect on patients who are in an early stage of the disease is limited. It has virtually no effect on people who are in intensive care. But the price tag is hefty: more than 3,000 euros for a cure of a week.

Since the drug hardly works, the price tag is high and the side effects are not yet very well known, the world health organization now recommends that the drug should no longer be administered.

Group purchase

In Belgium the drug has also been administered regularly. Our country was in a group purchase made by the European Commission. Hundreds of thousands of doses of remdesivir were purchased. Dozens of other European countries also received remdesivir in this way.

Remdesivir was developed by Gilead as an anti-Ebola and hepatitis C agent.


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