Who won? The US is divided, polls too

Contradicting polls create confusion after the US presidential election.

“Reporters handle Biden with kid gloves, attack the GOP (Republicans)”, “Hispanics have voted in increasing numbers for Trump”, “Strike calls against Biden”. The US news channel FOX NewLike all other major broadcasters, Joe Biden was chosen as the election winner, but the reporting eyed him critically, following the lines of the pro-republican broadcaster.

In opinion articles, authors doubt that the Democrat could “unite the country”, write against a new lockdown. But as 80 percent of Americans recognize Fox News Joe Biden as future US President. It is 80 percent if you believe a Reuters / Ipsos opinion poll.

A survey by the renowned magazine comes to a different conclusion Politico: According to the survey, 70 percent of Republicans do not believe that the presidential election was fair. This means that the number of skeptics in the Trump camp has doubled before the election.

Trump remains stubborn

Before the November 3rd election, only 52 percent of the Democrats were of the opinion that the polls would be fair. It is now 90 percent.

While the opinion polls contradict each other, Trump’s team continues to rely on the – for many experts, hopeless – legal battle over the validity of the results in some states: Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday night: “It will be a smooth transition to a second Trump -Government. “

Political veteran Mitch McConnell, who was confirmed in his role as the Republican majority leader in the Senate on Tuesday, does not want to see any cause for concern in Trump’s stance on the election defeat: “This is not unusual. It shouldn’t be alarming, ”he said. If the states had officially confirmed their results, the 538 electorate would choose a winner. “And that person will be sworn in on January 20th,” McConnell said. Only five Republican senators have so far congratulated Biden on the win.

Trump himself did not appear in public, but sent a series of tweets in capital letters in which he again spoke of abuse in the counting of votes and assured: “We will win.”

That won’t happen, even in Arizona, where Trump’s deficit on Biden fell back to 12,813 votes on Wednesday. In Georgia, which decided to re-count the votes by hand, Biden was 14,100 votes ahead of Trump on Wednesday.


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