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wholesalers no longer open to everyone

The catering industry will open again. Wholesalers who had opened their doors to normal consumers in recent weeks are now closing them again.

In the past two months, this meant a small or large shopping paradise for shopping enthusiasts. In addition to the familiar supermarkets, it was now also possible to shop at the Makro and Sligro, where a whole new range of food, XL packaging and other items were perceived for them. But that is coming to an end now.

Wholesale for catering

Now that the catering industry will reopen on 1 June, the pressure on supermarkets will diminish because more food can be eaten out again, according to the Central Food Trade Bureau. This means that the measure is no longer necessary according to the trade association.

Food department stores

The Dutch food stores have been open to consumers since March 19. The pressure on supermarkets was considered too great at the time, making it difficult to keep a distance of 1.5 meters. This also had to be resolved by opening up wholesalers, who are normally only accessible to cardholders.

Sligro meanwhile sees that purchases from the catering industry are increasing slightly. According to the wholesaler, things are not going as fast as not all hotels, restaurants and cafes will open on 1 June. For many, the limiting condition of 1.5 meters away and a limit of up to 30 guests is too much of a financial challenge.

Fresh produce wholesalers

In addition, buying fresh products for companies that do open is too early at the moment. Sligro expects that the turnover from the catering industry will gradually increase in the coming period.

Industry colleague Makro finds it a pity, but it is also understandable that from 1 June consumers can no longer buy from wholesalers. The wholesale trade has recently attracted many people who are not card holders. These new customers partly made up for the loss of income due to the closure of the catering industry. Makro does not yet want to make any statements about how turnover will develop after 1 June. Competitor Hanos was not immediately available for a response.

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Bad luck shop fan: wholesalers no longer open to everyone


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