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Why bread isn’t that bad at all (if you choose the right one) | Lifestyle

Brown versus white

First of all, it is important to distinguish between brown and white bread. Rob Haanstra, nutritionist and founder of NutriLaunch: “The difference is in the use of the cereal grain. The majority of the vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber are in the bran, the outermost layer of the grain. ” Because 100 percent of the grain is used with a wholemeal bread, half of the grain with a brown bread and only the middle part of the grain (also called flour) with a white bread, a wholemeal bread is the best option.

You need carbohydrates

It is a myth that carbohydrates make you fat. You need them, but as with everything else, in moderation. The main thing is to get them from the right sources. In addition to the fact that many vitamins and minerals are lost in white and brown bread by using less of the bran, the carbohydrates in these variants have also been processed. “As a result, the bread contains less nutritional values ​​and fiber, while the latter actually ensures a satiated feeling. Furthermore, bread made from highly processed grains ensures that the blood sugar level rises faster after eating, ”says Haanstra.

The Health Council advises adults to get 40 to 70 percent of their daily calorie intake from carbohydrates. A few wholemeal blackberries are therefore very suitable for that.

Do not be fooled

For a long time it has been unclear what different types of bread could be called. That often put consumers on the wrong track. It was time for more transparency to prevent deception and to improve the image of bread. Haanstra: “You often rely on the color of the bread, but since 1 July 2020 a change has been made in the legislation; now it is mandatory to use the names wholemeal, white bread and brown bread on the packaging. ” Previously, the bread was often darkened with malt extract, for example, because people believe (now believed) that the darker the bread, the more fiber it contains. So the color says little about how “healthy” the bread is.

Bread is not fattening

Eating too much, yes, but that’s nothing new. If you choose wholemeal bread, you are adding something of value to your diet. Haanstra: “Getting enough vitamins, minerals and fiber is essential. Make sure the product contains as much whole grain as possible, preferably 100 percent natural. More fiber ensures a feeling of satiety and has a beneficial effect on blood sugar levels. ” Two aspects that, ironically, actually help with weight loss.


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