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Why clever women often end up in toxic relationships

Manipulative men are looking for successful women.

It is a misconception that self-centered men look for weak women. In fact, the opposite is evident: a self-centered man wants a woman by his side who has a lot to give, said founder of the platform “Date Like a Grownup”, Bobbi Palmer, in the US online newspaper “Huff Post” .

According to Palmer, narcissistic men are always on the lookout for independent women who, on the one hand, pay enough attention to their fragile ego and meet their needs, but on the other hand, themselves need little or no care.

In return, the partner sees herself on the side of a charismatic, witty and sociable alpha male with whom the chemistry seems to be right. He gives his partner the feeling that he understands her, creates tension and pays a lot of attention to her – at least for a while.


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