Why DHL doesn’t ring anymore – you can do that

DHL has changed its delivery conditions: In the future, deliverers will not ring the bell when delivering – but why? You can do that against it.

If suddenly a DHL package is on your doorstep and you can’t remember when the messenger should have rung the bell, then it is because he probably didn’t. Because against the background of the corona pandemic, DHL has decided not to ring the bell for future deliveries. The new approach is

effective since July 12, 2021

and causes a lot of irritation for many recipients. But why the change? And is there any way you can insist on the bell ringing anyway?

New delivery conditions – that’s why DHL couriers no longer ring the bell

In the FAQ from DHL it is stated that delivering without ringing serves to make the process easier for recipient and messenger alike. Many would therefore choose a storage location for the programs when they are not at home or do not want to be disturbed for other reasons (for example when working in the home office).

In addition, delivery without ringing is intended to reduce the risk of infection by viruses, as this prevents unnecessary contact.

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But how do you know when the package was delivered?

DHL will inform you about the delivery in the Post & DHL app, by e-mail or by means of a notification card in your mailbox. However, if you have specified a storage location, such as a garage or garden shed, you should make sure that the DHL deliverer also has appropriate access to it. Choose a location that is as protected as possible and offers little visibility in order to avoid damage or theft.

Unnecessary contacts between deliverers and recipients should be avoided in the future.


Unnecessary contacts between deliverers and recipients should be avoided in the future.

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You can do that when you want the messenger to ring

The changeover to the new process takes getting used to for many, which is why DHL continues to offer the option of ringing the doorbell – just no longer automatically, but on request. You have two options:

  1. Activate the bell request for a special program:

    You will find the option when choosing the storage location for your shipment. To do this, click on “Additional option” and check the box next to “Let the deliverer ring before delivery”.

  2. Activate general doorbell request:

    If you would like the messenger to continue ringing for you, you can activate this under your DHL customer account using the “Ring request” option. You can access your account either via the website or the DHL app.

Activate the bell request for certain programs.


Activate the bell request for certain programs.

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