Why do apples get a greasy coating on their skins after a while? “No pesticide or bling-bling, but pure nature”

The apple produces the wax coating to protect itself. “Especially against rain, wind, bacteria and fungi,” explains Koen Wauters. “All plants above the ground have such a layer, including the leaves on the trees, for example. Only those leaves have a thinner layer. The apple is more noticeable.”

In some countries apples are provided with an extra layer of gloss to make them more attractive. “In the US or Israel, consumers are very fond of shiny apples. There that natural layer is washed off and they put a kind of coating on the apple, based on natural products, which shines much more. But not on Belgian apples, because Belgian apples. consumers don’t like too much bling-bling. “

The wax layer protects the apple not only on the tree, but also after picking. “It slows down the breathing of the apple, and reduces moisture and weight loss. If you rub the layer off, an apple will lose ten percent weight in one day and you will eventually end up with a wrinkled apple.”


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