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That one magical journey, that drama vacation and always in the suitcase: travelers share their experiences. This week: Gabriëlle van der Lee (25) freelance blogger, web designer and copywriter.

Lesson learned

“During a nice camper trip with my parents and friend in Canada, we drove to America for a day. Our visa was not removed from the passport on the way back. We realized this too late and eventually had to go to the embassy in Ottawa to have the visa removed. ”

Longest / furthest journey

“That must be the Gili Islands, in Indonesia, more than 11,000 km from Amsterdam. After traveling through Sumatra and Bali we arrived after a long boat trip. A paradise on earth, especially the underwater world. ”

Ultimate gadget

“A reusable bottle. Cold drinks will stay cold for two days and hot drinks will remain at the right temperature for about ten hours. Ideal during a long travel day or if you are going for a walk. Also sustainable instead of always using plastic bottles. ”

Craziest ever

“During a trip to West Kalimantan, we attended a visit by the sultan. He came to a remote village. I am a tall Dutch woman whom they rarely saw in this village. Although the sultan was supposed to get the attention, eventually there was a line to have my picture taken with. An experience!”

Always with you

“I won’t go out without my camera. Wonderful to take pictures and relive everything at home. And my snorkel. I prefer to lie with my head under water for days on end. ”

Craziest food

“In Scandinavia it is normal to eat reindeer, but moose are a lot bigger and therefore more difficult to hunt. Elk steak is therefore very scarce. In Finland we could order moose. Very tasty, a combination of duck and rabbit. ”

Most beautiful meeting

“Pong Kitti worked in Thailand in the hotel where we stayed. We started talking to him and he showed us Bangkok. About five years later we are still in touch with him. ”

Best advice

“Drink a little cola every day so that your stomach and intestines suffer less. Normally I hardly ever drink it. ”


“Berlin didn’t have a nice atmosphere. Maybe I was staying in the wrong part, but I really don’t understand why everyone loves Berlin so much. ”

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