Why is this Renault ZOE of the police controversial?

On Twitter, the Le Havre police station quickly deleted a post presenting its new electric car. The Renault Zoe of the police generated a small controversy on the social network.

By posting a photo of their new Renault Zoe, the community manager of the National Police probably did not expect to receive so much criticism. Posted on December 29 on the Twitter account “Police station of Le Havre”, it was deleted shortly after some scathing comments. But what could have shocked some users of the social network? While the electric car is a hot topic, it seems technology is not at the root of the dispute.

If you look closely at the photo, you can see that the brand new ZOE is parked on… a cycle path! An offense punishable by a 4th class fine (€ 135) that many committed cyclists did not fail to notice. “You are supposed to lead by example. Instead, you endanger your fellow citizens instead of protecting them. Lamentable “ comments a user of the social network. Without acknowledging the error, the Le Havre police station explains that the“The intention was not to create any controversy”. “The bottom line is that [la police nationale] turns green by going electric “ concludes the Twitter account.

A justification that did not calm the spirits. “There is nothing controversial about banning parking on a cycle lane, respecting the highway code – and above all respecting all users […]” relaunches a cyclist. The national police community manager will certainly pay more attention the next time he posts a photo of a new zero-emission vehicle.


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