Why is this stolen Porsche Taycan impossible to locate?

This white Porsche Taycan has not been found since January 11

The case is not trivial and puts very uncomfortable one of our loyal readers specializing in the sale and rental of high-end electric vehicles in particular. Not returned on time, the Porsche Taycan is now considered to be stolen after a complaint filed on Monday January 11, 2021 at the gendarmerie.

Porsche Taycan 4S white

The car sought is a white Porsche Taycan 4S rented as part of a future sale by the ACC Automobiles garage located in Blotzheim (68), in the Mulhouse sector. Registered FR-713-QE, the electric car is distinguished by its 21-inch Mission E Design rims. Put into circulation in July 2020, it totals approximately 18,000 kilometers to date.

The call for witnesses runs until the manufacturer manages to install the GPS tracker remotely.

Informed last Monday, the gendarmerie came to see me the very next day to take stock of this affair. », Says Didier Dubicki, founder and manager of the company. ” The car would circulate in the region of Metz, in Moselle, with a recorded trip to Nancy, the same day I filed a complaint », He specifies.

Temporary geolocation problem

In the early days, I was able to monitor vehicle usage with the app. But the private mode, which is accessible without a code unlike what Tesla offers, has been activated. The solution in this situation is simple: contact Porsche urgently to remotely implement the billable tracking option 299 euros per year », Explains the manager of ACC Automobiles.

Normally, it is possible to set up tracking through a website. But there, currently, it does not work. And not only for this car, but also for my other Taycan, and probably for the others as well », He laments.

Porsche on the problem since this morning

Porsche France has been on the problem since this morning, with a direct link to Stuttgart. When it is resolved, the gendarmerie will finally be able to locate the vehicle and undoubtedly find it. But in what state will he be? “, Worries Didier Dubicki.

In the meantime, the testimonies of people who may have crossed the Taycan are essential He calls.

I advise all Taycan owners not to wait for a glitch to acquire and activate the tracking option. For my part, I will not be taken back, my cars will be much more protected against this kind of misadventures », He warns.

A correct customer at the base

Initially, the customer rented a Tesla for a weekend last September. When he returned it to me, he asked me for the Taycan for the same period. An operation that he repeated over a week, then over a month, before wanting to acquire the vehicle. This operation could only be carried out after 6 months of registration in the garage. », Explains Didier Dubicki.

As this person took a firm position, we agreed to pay a deposit to reserve the car, then pay the balance in January, i.e. 6 months after the Taycan arrived with us. I gave him the use of the vehicle at a negotiated price, asking him to bring it back to me if another of my clients wanted to use it in the meantime. He did keep that commitment once. Then the situation got out of hand », He laments.

An incredible affair

Contrary to the promises, the transfers never reached the garage account. I raised the person several times, each time with the assurance that the money would be paid out very quickly. He promised to stop by to settle the case: he did not come. Then he claimed to be in Paris with his family affected by Covid-19. I waited a bit », Explains Didier Dubicki.

I kept relative confidence as long as I could follow the Taycan’s position on the app, most of the time located in Metz or its surroundings. When that was no longer the case, I asked the customer to bring the car back to me. He did not want to do it according to him because of the distance of more than 250 kilometers between Metz and Blotzheim He continues.

After making sure at the dealership that it was possible, I offered to take the car to Porsche Metz while waiting for the financial situation to unblock. As he did not do it within 3 or 4 days despite his promises and my reminders, I decided to take the matter to the gendarmerie He sighs.

What happened ?

Personally, I think this person is stuck in a situation that is beyond them. That’s why I manage to reach her on the phone but the situation does not progress. I imagined several scenarios. In the first, he would have loaned or sublet the car, which is prohibited in the rental agreement. And he couldn’t get the Taycan back “, Supposes Didier Dubicki.

Another possibility: he himself resold the vehicle to make a profit, but cannot get the money from the sale or owed it to someone who used it. He still thinks.

However, he rules out the hypothesis that the machine may have been partially damaged and would end up waiting for a repair which would not however prevent it from rolling.

Still in Lorraine?

If I think the car is being used by someone other than my client, it’s because it was initially charged from a domestic outlet. Then, the energy was filled for a while on the Ionity terminals in Metz », Reflects Didier Dubicki.

Before going into private mode, the Porche Taycan ran a little every day: 10, 28, 24, 6, 28, 3 kilometers. More worrying are the 192 km driven the day I lodged a complaint. A witness claims to have seen an identical model in Nancy that Monday, with the number plates marking the department 68 where I am », He wonders again.

Personally, I am convinced that the person who uses the vehicle every day does not suspect anything », He guesses.

Call for witnesses

As long as Porsche has not succeeded in commissioning the tracer, I would like any witness who identified this Taycan to contact me to tell me where he spotted it », Concludes Didier Dubicki. The ACC Automobiles manager can be contacted via the means indicated on its website


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