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Why it is smart to plant another fruit tree in the garden in February

It is best to plant a fruit tree when the trees are resting. The winter period is the ideal planting time in this case. In winter, the sap flow from the trees stops, because then the tree is saving its strength. This makes trees more resistant to moving and planting during the winter months.


Officially you can plant a fruit tree all year round, but if you want to enjoy the fruit from your own garden at the right time, then it is best to plant most fruit trees in the winter. The soil is then moist, so that it can grow well. Make sure the soil is not too wet, because a fruit tree does not like that. In addition, make sure you have enough space, because a fruit tree must be able to grow well. You are quickly mistaken about the space that such a fruit tree needs.


Even so, the ideal planting time may vary by fruit, but in general, the best time to plant a fruit tree is from the beginning of November to the end of March. Especially an apple, pear, plum, cherry or a quince tree is best planted during this cold period. Make sure that it does not freeze during planting. Also plant a fruit tree only when the ground is no longer frozen. Doing so can cause damage to the tree. Chances are that the tree will not survive this.

Red fruit

It is better to plant strawberry plants and berry and grape bushes in the garden in the fall or spring. These cannot withstand the cold very well. In addition, they take less time to grow, so you can plant them a little later.

Growth spurt

So if you can’t wait to enjoy delicious fresh apples, pears or plums in the summer, it is smart to plant another fruit tree in the garden now. Because the earlier you plant the tree, the more hair roots the tree will form. This allows it to grow well in the spring and summer and you will get the most fruit. So do not wait too long!

Do you have a small garden?
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