Why Tesla drivers have to “test drive” the new autopilot

Novice drivers know this. They must be for their final driving licence for now two years probationary period survive. Not pleasant, but useful. What does this test have to do with Tesla? Well, quite a bit at the moment.
Since October 8, 2021, there is one for customers in the USA new software for autonomous driving unlocked: Full self-driving beta v10.2 (FSD Beta 10.2). However, those interested in the new one must Expansion stage of the Tesla autopilot qualify first. Instead of an “order button” as originally planned, they had to press an “inquiry button” in the cockpit – in order to then become a test driver.

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For a week you will Driving behavior from the software in the vehicle checked, among other things according to criteria such as “predicted frequency of collisions”, “hard braking”, “aggressive turning” and “forced autopilot deactivations”. You must first agree to the collection and analysis of the data. Only who with this “Safety score“Receiving 100 out of 100 points is allowed to be one of the first 1000 lucky ones How to use FSD Beta Tesla boss Elon Musk reiterated on Twitter.

Criticism of “fundamental security problems”

There are reasons for choosing the “model students”, because the wind continues to blow hard in the face of the electric car pioneer when it comes to autopilot. As stated by Jennifer Homendy, Head of the US National Transporation Safety Board (NTSB), in an interview with the Wall Street Journal concerns about the company’s plans. “Fundamental Security Issues” would need to be addressed before Tesla FSD Beta extends to other roads and regions. Tesla already had one, according to a CNBC report FSD version not corrected for errors of 2000 people, mostly employees and some customers, test on public roads permit.

Tesla Autopilot can control destinations from the sat nav

With FSD Beta, Tesla vehicles can run on both Highways as well as in city ​​traffic virtual drive yourself and previously entered into the navigation system Head for goals. However, this development stage of autonomous driving is also considered to be Level 2, that means the driver has to be behind the wheel at any time be ready to intervene. This is exactly the one Main point of criticism on the Tesla “autopilot”. This and especially the term “Full Self-Driving” (“completely self-driving”) suggested security to the usersthat does not exist, it is said again and again. NTSB boss Homendy also called the marketing of the system under these circumstances “misleading and irresponsible”.

Elon Musk

Tesla boss Musk announced “continuous refinements” of the autopilot following the early beta safety test results.

Despite all the appeasement from company boss Musk, the criticism is unlikely to subside anytime soon. So there has been in the past few months accidents over and over again, where Tesla Stromer with Police, rescue services and fire brigade vehicles in blue light use collided. Tesla does not use lidar for the autopilot; the flashes of light may have confused the automatic camera evaluation. Investigations by the US traffic safety agency NHTSA are ongoing into at least eleven cases. Also in front of the District Harris County is in Texas a procedure started been in that five policemen Tesla as well as a chain of restaurants Sue. You were in February seriously injured been, as evidently the computer had driven a Tesla Model X at 110 km / h into a group of four vehicles, six people and a German Shepherd.

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