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why Trump supporters are fans and Amazon removed it

From the moment the mainstream social media started blocking Trump, as well as some of his supporters, the social medium Parler suddenly became a lot more famous and used. According to Google, last Wednesday even calls for the use of force in the invasion of the US Capitol via Parler.

Parler, which means to talk in French, is a conservative social networking app. Considered a small competitor to Twitter, it has 10 million subscribers and 4 million active users.

Trump Parler

Trump has 2.3 million followers on Parler and the medium is popular with many Trump supporters, precisely because users are allowed to publish anything on it. And that suits them well, now that Twitter and Facebook are increasingly banning harmful content and people are eager to have their say. The app, its reach and purpose did not go unnoticed during the storming of the Capitol last week and Parler has since been removed from the app stores of Google and Apple.


Today there is very little talking. “This site cannot be reached,” it reads.

Parler is now also practically removed from the internet by blocking the company’s servers Amazon Web Services from billionaire Jeffrey Bezos. Amazon had warned Parler would be stopped if it did not make efforts to combat violent content. And that effort was too minimal, Amazon thought, and the tech giant took action.


Parler is widely used by right-wing supporters of the president, who got about 74 million votes in November, but lost the presidential election to Joe Biden, who got seven million more voters behind him.

The platform was set up in 2018 as an alternative to Twitter, because that medium is guilty of censorship against conservatives in the US. Parler claims to be an independent social medium for the freedom of speech and not to commit censorship.

Partly for this reason, the popularity of Parler has grown enormously recently, partly after the Twitter message service of founder Jack Dorsey removed US President Trump from the platform. Many messages on Parler were about possible new actions against the inauguration of future President Biden, and they were not very cuddly, to say the least.

Oops …

Today it became known that Parler has archived every deleted post. “Bean comes to his wages”, someone responds laconically.


There is plenty of talk about Parler on Twitter and many “empty screens” are shared. “Congratulations, you have given up on freedom of speech so easily,” writes an ironic American. The response is put in perspective. “The ultimatum was to remove the violent imagery and that didn’t seem to happen. It is therefore not very surprising that it has been taken off the air. ”

Some are very happy that the medium is off the air and express this with digital applause.

Others are more grudging, hoping the same will happen to Amazon itself, “and Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter”. The question is how he could have reported that without Twitter.

And others see the storm again. “Soon they will all be back on Twitter to tell us how they all cannot communicate with us.”

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Parler: Why Trump Supporters Are Fans and Amazon Removed It


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