Why VW Golf, Polo & Co have become so much more expensive

the Prices for new cars in Germany rise for decades powerful at. Not just felt, but actually. The first VW Golf in 1974 cost just under 8,000 marks as a base – around 11,000 euros based on current purchasing power. But today there isn’t even a new Polo or even the even smaller VW Up. But why only?


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First of all, let’s take a closer look at the field: The analysts at JATO Dynamics have taken the Development over the past 20 years based on two segments viewed. the average list prices from Small car rose lush between 2002 and 2020 59 percent – from a good 13,000 to just under 21,000 euros. The acquisition costs of the Compact to: from an average of 18,400 euros to just under 30,000 – one increase at about 63 percent. The (more expensive) models with alternative drives also contributed to this (for a comparison of costs between electric cars and combustion engines).

VW Polo 53 percent more expensive, Golf even 59 percent


The new VW Polo has become more than half the price in almost 20 years.

Represent the two segments two prominent Volkswagen: Between 2002 and 2010 the average price of the VW Polo increased 18 percent to, until 2020 it was about another 35 percent up. Interestingly, the customers mostly ignored the cheap variants and decided especially in 2020 for the more expensive models. One reason for this could meanwhile widespread private leasing be. A higher monthly rate for a Polo for 20,000 instead of 15,000 euros may be less daunting than the difference in the total price. In the case of golf, the average price level climbed from 2002 to 2010 22 percent, after that even around another 37 percent. In addition to the reasons already mentioned, the compact Wolfsburg bestseller also included the battery and plug-in versions, which are significantly more expensive, but still sold well.

Better equipment, more security

VW Golf 1.0 eTSI

More comfort, more safety: This is what the cockpit of a simple VW Golf VIII 1.0 TFSI looked like in 2020.

After all, customers get too more car for your money: Of the Polo vintage 2020 is about good ten centimeters wide gone and thus wider than a 2002 Golf. In the length the Polo even has it in the same period 16.5 cm increased. And the Golf has grown a lot too. But there is not only longer sheet metal and higher performance: Above all, that is Furnishing of the cars significantly more expensive become that Development costs rose gigantically. Safety and assistance systems, technology for comfort – many things taken for granted in today’s small cars A few years ago they were only available in the luxury class. The cars are essential more durable, economical and safer become. Accidents that ended fatally in the 1970s are now mostly mild.

Used cars also became more expensive

Not only new cars have become exorbitantly more expensive over the years. Of the Average price for used cars in Germany, according to the portal operator Autoscout24, the 23,000 euro mark cracked. A year earlier it was an average of 19,920 euros. A development that is visible across all ages and segments. The only exceptions are luxury class, vans and SUVs.

Scarce supply and electrification are driving up prices

Stefan Schneck, Head of Sales Germany at AutoScout24, explains the price increases for used vehicles as follows: “Der Decline in new car production is a key driver of the current rise in used car prices. There is also the one that is currently taking place Electrification of combustion models. Since the corresponding successor models can sometimes only be produced with a delay, the supply is even tighter. ” There is currently no great hope for improvement: “The demand for used vehicles is of course still high. At the moment it does not look as if we can expect prices to ease soon.”

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