Why you shouldn’t use the Whatsapp camera


Photos taken via Whatsapp’s camera function are of poorer quality than when they are taken directly via the smartphone’s camera. The online portal Giga came to this conclusion during a test. For this, two photos of the same subject were taken without moving the smartphone. In order to achieve a comparable size and compression, the camera photo was then sent via Whatsapp – the messenger app reduced the size of the photos.

Whatsapp is treated differently by iOS and Android

And yet: With the Samsung Galaxy “significant differences were found”. The iPhone was also tested. Here, the photo from the camera app looked “overall a bit sharper and more colorful,” according to the test. However, the difference was very small.

The difference between Android and iOS is that the Android operating system Whatsapp does not provide all functions of the camera app. “Google is opening up more and more and thus also allowing other apps to exploit the full potential of a smartphone’s camera in one app, but the differences have so far been enormous,” writes Giga. But at least: “It works a little better with Apple.”

It is therefore advisable to generally shoot photos with the camera – you can still send them via WhatsApp afterwards.

You should definitely change these three settings on Whatsapp

This article was published by in November 2019. It has now been reviewed and updated.


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