Will a beer be more expensive this weekend? “Price increase at half of the pubs, on average 1 to 5 percent”

Will the prices we pay tomorrow for a beer or a coffee on a terrace increase spectacularly? A survey by De Inspecteur shows that there are major differences.

Big differences

Café owner Gino Vermeiren from Aalter will increase the price of the beers tomorrow: “We are going from € 1.80 to € 2. The suppliers have increased their prices, so we have to follow.”

Prices remain the same in café De Rooden Hoed in Antwerp. “Here you pay € 3.20 for a beer,” says manager Cas Gossens. “We raised our prices a little bit after the first lockdown. So we don’t do it anymore.” Also at star chef Thijs Vervloet there is a price increase: “We increase our prices by about 7 percent. But that has no effect on the reservations. This weekend we are already full.”


Horeca Vlaanderen has also conducted a large survey among its members. “This shows that 53% of cases will increase prices tomorrow,” says Matthias De Caluwe. “At 85% of the catering establishments this is an increase between 1 and 5%, at the other cafes and restaurants the price increase is up to a maximum of 15%.”

According to Decaluwé, there is a clear explanation for the price increase. On the one hand, catering businesses have had to make a lot of investments to ensure that everything runs corona-safe. “On the other hand, there are also price increases at the beverage suppliers. Brewers have lost a lot of income in recent months. And they pass that on to the cafes.”

Still a lot of uncertainty

Catering establishments are happy that they can open tomorrow, but according to De Caluwe there is still a lot of uncertainty: “We are still waiting for the ministerial decision where all the rules are explained.” For example, there was a lot of uncertainty about the use of plexi screens. Although Minister of Justice Van Quickenborne made it clear on Friday morning that plexi screens may not be used to place more tables with less distance.

There is also some uncertainty about the number of people at the table. “For the time being we are talking of a maximum of four people per table, unless your family is larger. But it is not clear whether children under 12 are included.”

These are the rules

If you want to go out on a terrace this weekend, enjoy it. But there are of course some rules that you must respect.

  • You may sit at one table with a maximum of four people, unless your family is larger.
  • The terraces may be open between 8 am and 10 pm.
  • You don’t have to leave any contact details, but booking in advance is recommended.
  • A distance of 1.5 meters must be kept between the table groups.
  • There is no service at the bar. Consumption should be done while sitting.
  • Customers and staff must wear a mouth mask unless they are seated at their table.

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